In celebration of all things beautiful,
Gallery G on the square
I personally believe jewelry should
be as distinctive as a signature, and
so, I specialize in designing unique
pieces, rescuing them from dark,
locked boxes, bringing them into
the light to be worn, savored, and
One of the most popular
personalized items I design is a slide
bracelet of opulent gemstones
placed on custom designed,
engravable bases resulting in a very
unique family heirloom.
My collection is very personal and
always changing.  I would enjoy the
opportunity to share it with you
and help you select items that you
can be assured will be as grand as
the moments they will come to
represent to you and your
family~heirlooms to be treasured as
each new generation discovers their
unique beauty and sentiment.
Nancy Garot Reynolds
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
International Society of                             
Gallery G was established in 1967
by the late Mrs. Ruth Garot.  We
are located in the old First National
Bank building in the historical
business district on the square.  The
building is a beautiful glimpse of the
past, containing authentic early 20th
century architectural details.  
Housed within is our rare antiquities
collection, gifts, fine china, delicate
crystal, and quality flatware.  We
invite you to browse our website for a
small sample of the many treasures
Gallery G has to offer.

Gallery G
"Mae West" Chaise lounge  $550.00
2 Country French youth beds  $750.00
German walnut carved sideboard
Country French display case
(lighted)   $400.00
Wood & Glass Display case (hand
painted silver design on doors,
lighted)   $575.00